About Us

ElecXDrip (pronounced elec-drip) is a fashion-forward brand that offers size and gender-inclusive luxury lifestyle wear. Our limited-time drops are not just garments but expressions of art and individuality. Each drop carries the same inherent value and high-spirited energy yet tells a different story that resonates deeply. With our bold and spirited designs, ElecXDrip empowers you to embrace unapologetic confidence and take pride in who you are. Our garments are craft to make a statement, capturing the essence of those who fearlessly celebrate their unique selves.


Our Mission

ElecXDrip focus extends beyond mere revenue targets. Our mission is to introduce our brand to individuals seeking gender and size-inclusive luxury lifestyle wear and establish a prominent presence within the industry, where our name becomes synonymous with brilliantly designed inclusive garments.


Our Vision

Once we have cemented our reputation within the industry, our ultimate vision is to build a loyal community of supporters who trust our brand and enthusiastically spread the word. We envision a community that actively engages with us, joining us in events and eagerly anticipating our next creations.

Our ultimate success lies in becoming a brand that offers exceptional fashion & fosters a sense of belonging, inspiring trust among our valued customers and peers in the industry.


Brand Pillars

  • Quality-Centric
  • Community-Driven
  • Gender And Size-Inclusive
  • Exclusive
  • Outspoken


From the Founders Desk

ElecXDrip began as a passion project, born from the desire to break barriers and redefine luxury fashion. For years, our founder, Nikhil Tibrewal, envisioned a space where boldness, inclusivity, and spirited design converge. And thus, ElecXDrip on January 2024, came to life—a realm where each limited-time drop isn't just about fashion; it's a story, an expression of art, and an embodiment of unapologetic confidence.

When you choose ElecXDrip, you're not just buying a fashion statement piece; you're joining a vibrant community of individuals who value self-expression, confidence, and inclusivity. Together, we're rewriting the narrative of luxury fashion—one drop, one story, and one celebration of uniqueness at a time.